Nigerian TikTokers Under 30 – TikTokers in Nigeria under the age of 30.

Nigerian TIkTokers under the age of 30

Did you know that there are Gen Z’s on TikTok with larger followings that your regular celebs?

These Nigerian TikTokers Under 30 are not only killing it, they’re raking in some cool cash through brand deals and more.

Without further ado, let’s see the top 1 Nigerian TikTok influencers under the age of 30.

11. Jenni Frank

A lot of people may not know the name Jennifer Onyekwelu Ebere, but they definitely know Jenni Frank.

She is a model, brand influencer, actress, dancer, content creator and Youtuber.

Jenni Frank - Nigerian TIkTokers under the age of 30

4.2 million Followers | 86.1 million likes | 27 years

She became famous thanks to the #slowmochallenge that rocked 2020 and she was duly crowned the “Slow Mo Queen”

10. Itzzammie

Amarachi Stella Agbahiwe also known on TikTok as itzzammie is popularly known for her viral videos that get viewers in their feelings.

Itzammie - Nigerian TikTokers under the age of 30

3.6 million Followers | 86.7 million likes | 27 years

She is also a master at using transitions and her lip sync videos show how good she is at acting.

9. Softmadeit

Jerry Chuks, widely recognized as Softmadeit, is a dynamic and multi-talented individual known for his prowess on TikTok, and his captivating dance skills.

Softmadeit - Nigerian TikTokers under the age of 30

4.8 million followers | 81.1 million likes | 27 years

He got famous because of his dance videos, undeniable charisma, and the buzz generated by his appearances alongside his rumored girlfriend, Beauty Goddess – aka John Merry.

8. Crispdal

Chinye Elijah, also known as Crispdal, is a Nigerian TikToker, dancer, model, and influencer who has made a name for himself in the world of social media.

Crispdal - Nigerian TikTokers under the age of 30

7.9 million followers | 103 million likes | 26 years

He has gained widespread recognition for his unique and captivating robotic dance moves, and funny content which he produces with his girlfriend, “Purple Speedy.”

7. Purple Speedy

Whenever you see a dash of purple on your screens, then you know Purple Speedy isn’t far away.

Peace Pever Anpee has carved a niche for herself on TikTok, and has been rewarded with several brand deals.

Purple Speedy - Nigerian TikTokers under the age of 30

 7.5 million followers | 138.4 million likes | 24 years

She gained massive fame thanks to her captivating and creative dance routines, smooth transitions, and funny videos featuring her family, friends, and her boyfriend, “Crispdal.” Purple Speedy is really repping and with time, she’ll be among the creme de la creme of Nigerian TikTokers Under 30.

6. Beryl Ama

Beryl Ama whose real name is Anozie Chiamaka, a multi-talented creator, comedian, brand promoter, entrepreneur, and a prominent social media personality.

2.5 million followers | 35.5 million likes | 24 years.

Beryl Ama’s became famous thanks to one of her funny videos that got millions of views. Since then, she has always been in the limelight and it doesn’t seem like she’s going anywhere.

5.Beeauty Goddess

Just as her name implies, Beeauty Goddess embodies her name in all sense of it. John Merry is also an accomplished model, dancer, and hottie.

3.8 million followers | 106.8 million likes | 22 years.

What impressive is her ability to maintain her popularity, particularly in the midst of rumors surrounding her relationship with “Softmadeit.”

4. Rodn3y

Rodney Odinakachi Umeh, “The Wisdom Man” or Rodn3y is one TikToker that has the fans in a chokehold. He’s one of the funniest persons on the app and his fans can’t get enough of his creative and funny videos.

 6.1 million followers | 180.4 million likes | 21 years

Some of his videos are filled with nostalgic childhood references which resonates a lot with his fans. It’s no surprise that the 21 year old has about 6 million fans

3. Khloe Gram

Joy Esiet Ayomide or Khloe Gram is another TikTok star that started creating videos during the lockdown. Within that time, she has grown in leaps and bounds.

 2.4 million followers | 141.5 million likes| 21 years

The aspiring fashion star also got some unwanted fame thanks to the high-profile relationship and breakup with Yallmeetbernie.

However, she’s still the transition queen.

2. Ashley Keno

Ejeneha Oghenekeno Ashley, or Ashley Keno17 as he’s known on TikTok is a Nigerian-Irish talent based in the UK. His funny videos and easy to follow dance steps are always bound to go viral.

4.3 million followers| 188 million likes| 20 years

The best part about Ashley is the fact that he’s not scared to feature his parents in his videos. However, he enjoys mimicking the police, lawyers and everything in between.

1.Berby Picxy

Maduakor Chisom Faustina, popularly known as Berby Picxy is among the youngest TikTokers in Nigeria and she has the fame to prove it. Despite her young age, she’s already an accomplished dancer, model, and brand influencer.

 9.6 million followers| 92 million likes | 20 years

Berby can truly consider herself an elite influencer and her 9.6 million followers are proof of that. Without any doubt, she’s the best among Nigerian TikTokers Under 30.

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