Top 10 Musicians With The Highest Followers On Instagram – You Won’t Believe Where Beyonce Ranks


We take a look at some of the top musicians with the highest followers on Instagram ranking them from the least to the highest.

There’s every chance 2 out of 5 avid social media lovers use Instagram.

To prove this point, Instagram is among the top 5 social media platforms used worldwide.

Unsurprisingly, the photo and video sharing platform currently has about 1.35 billion users and it is among the essential apps for most celebrities worldwide. 

The platform is so important that celebrities ensure they bring their A-game due to how efficient it has been in reaching their target audience. 

On the other hand, several celebrities have been accused of padding their stats.

Some have been able to build a genuine fanbase over the years, gathering a massive following along the line. 

Without further ado, let’s see the top 10 musicians with the highest number of followers on Instagram.

10. Zendaya -183 million


Source: Wallpaper Flare

Seeing Zendaya’s name on this list will come as a surprise to many as most of her fans don’t know she’s a singer – not a bathroom or closet singer, but a full fledged artist. 

She doesn’t need any introduction thanks to how much she’s contributed to the industry.

The Euphoria actress became popular for her role as KC in the teenage Disney family series “KC Undercover.” As luck would have it, her career has been on the ascendancy since then. 

The actress, singer, songwriter and model is one of the most followed musicians on Instagram with 183 million followers.

She released a few singles some years back with hit tracks like Neverland, Replay and more.

9. Katy Perry – 203 million

Katy Perry - Top Musicians With The Highest Followers On Instagram

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The name Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson may not ring a bell.

On the other hand, Katy Perry surely will.

The American singer, songwriter, and television personality rose to fame in 2008 with her debut single “I Kissed a Girl”.

She is known for her influence on modern pop music and her campy style which has garnered her industry acclaim.

The ‘Dark Horse’ hitmaker is one of the best-selling music artists ever, having sold over 143 million records worldwide.

Katy Perry once held the Guinness World Record for having the most followers on Twitter but on Instagram, she still has some catching up to do. 

In 2017, she was among the most influential people on the internet and she still holds sway in the music industry. 

For her rewards, about 203 million people follow her life, career and activities on Instagram.

8. Miley Cyrus – 212 million

Miley Cyrus - Top Musicians With The Highest Followers On Instagram

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Miley Cyrus is an American singer, songwriter and actress. Unsurprisingly, the sultry songstress has made Instagram her turf.

She is sometimes called the “Pop Chameleon,” because of her musical versatility and continuous reinvention of her sound and style.

However, she came into the spotlight after starring in the popular 2006 Disney sitcom “Hannah Montana.”

The show brought her great fame and she released a few singles that cemented her celebrity status in the industry.

Her influence can also visible on Instagram with 212 million people following her.

7. Nicki Minaj – 223 million

Nicki Minaj - Top Musicians With The Highest Followers On Instagram

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Nicki Minaj a.k.a the Queen of Rap is a Trinidad born rapper, singer, and songwriter.

Nicki is quite popular for her musical versatility, exquisite rap flow, and dexterity with accents. 

Most importantly, she is recognised as an influential figure in pop culture, and a role model for several rap and pop artists.

Roman Zolanski– her alter ego which she calls herself – gained popularity between 2007 and 2009.

According to Billboard, she is unarguably the greatest female rapper of all time. 

The award-winning rapper has gained a lot of fame thanks to the massive support from her loyal fanbase called “The Barbs.”

Best believe they are quite feisty and extremely protective of their queen.

As it stands, her Barbs, friends, foes and everything in between that follow her stand at 223 million on Instagram.

6. Jennifer Lopez – 249 million

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Jennifer Lopez popularly known as J.Lo is a Latin American actress, dancer, and singer.

It is safe to say she’s a household name in the industry.

Currently, J.Lo is the highest-paid Hispanic actress in Hollywood.

She started her musical journey in 1999 with her debut studio album ‘On The 6’.

Jenny from the block spends half of her time as an actress and the other half as a singer. She has lots of collaborations with other top artists and several billboard hits and awards to her name.

Apparently, millions of people like to keep up with J.Lo’s antics as the Latina heartthrob has amassed over 249 million followers on Instagram.

5. Taylor Swift – 268 million

Taylor Swift - Top Musicians With The Highest Followers On Instagram

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Taylor Swift is an award winning American singer and songwriter. She is known for her genre-spanning discography, song writing and artistic reinventions.

She started her career as a professional songwriter and country musician at the age of 14.

The singer and actress has made it a habit of releasing chart-topping hits that has resonated with her youthful fanbase. 

Having sold over 200 million records with hits like ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Shake It Off’, she is one of the best-selling musicians and the most streamed artist in the world. 

Also, Taylor is a prominent cultural figure and has been a positive influence on a generation of music artists.

Thanks to her amazing song writing skills, everybody wants the latest tea on Taylor.

Currently, she is 5th place on this list with 268 million followers.

4. Justin Bieber – 293 million

Justin Bieber - Top Musicians With The Highest Followers On Instagram

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Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer that rose to fame at the age of 13.

His contributions to modern-day popular music is so important because his emergence paved the way for other social media pop stars.  

From the onset of his career, he always being a massive hit among teens. So much so that he was crowned the ‘Prince of Pop.’

He’s had an amazing career with several hits, records and awards to his name.

As you can guess, Justin is a massive hit among the ladies. Surprisingly, he’s the only man on the list.

With 293 million followers and still counting, we can’t wait to see if he’ll move up or down on this list. 

3. Beyoncé – 314 million

Beyonce - Top Musicians With The Highest Followers On Instagram

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The name Beyonce needs no introduction in almost any circle worldwide.

She is an American singer, songwriter and businesswoman and her die-hard fans call her “Queen Bey.”

A lot of people know her for her boundary-pushing artistry and vocal performances.

She started out with Destiny’s Child – a girl band made up of Kelly Rowland, her cousin and Michelle Williams – before going solo.

Her fans know her for her breath-taking outfits and exhilarating performances that leave them craving for more.

As a testament to her influence in the music industry, Queen Bey has amassed a lot of awards – winning several Grammys while topping charts across the world. 

It comes as no surprise that Beyonce is the eighth greatest artist of all time according to Rolling Stone.

She is married to rap mogul and business man, Jay-Z Carter. Together, they are one of the most powerful and influential couples in the world. 

She is currently one of the most followed artists on social media with 314 million followers on Instagram.

2. Ariana Grande – 377 million

Ariana Grande -Top Musicians With The Highest Followers On Instagram

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Ariana Grande is an American singer, songwriter and actress who’s rise to ascendancy has left several people stunned.

For starters, her four-octave vocal range and whistle register is second to none. This has garnered her critical acclaim from critics and everyone alike.

For this reason, Ariana is among the pop icons and an influential figures in contemporary popular music.

She started her music career at age 15 in the 2008 Broadway musical “13.”

She rose to fame for playing Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon television series Victorious (2010–2013) and Sam & Cat (2013–2014).

Following her rise to fame as a teenager and her musical prowess, her career has had only one trajectory – up.

She is popular for her signature ponytail extensions which she wears because of her original hair breaking. Ariana had to constantly dye her hair for her Cat Valentine role.

Her influence also cuts across social media with a 377 million people actively following her every move on Instagram.

1. Selena Gomez – 426 million

Selena Gomez - Top Musicians With The Highest Followers On Instagram

Source: Wallpaper Flare

Selena Gomez is an American singer, actress, producer and businesswoman.

She started her acting career on the widely acclaimed children sitcom “Barney and Friends.”

In addition, Selena rose to fame as a teenage actress for starring in the Disney series “Wizards Of Waverly Place ” as Alex Russo.

Being a kind-hearted one, Selena has been a UNICEF ambassador since she was 17. That’s not all, she has also partnered with other top charitable organizations.

Her versatility has seen her work on her music career alongside her acting, making her a very prominent figure in Hollywood.

Aside from being an actress, singer or producer, she done well in businesses . She has a makeup brand called “Rare.”

Always being the positive person, Selena is one of the most followed celebrities on social media because of her tweets of encouragement and charitable acts.

There’s no denying that Selena’s fans love and respect her.

A testament to this is the 426 million IG followers that actively follow her which makes her the musician with the highest followers on Instagram.

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